We believe that great tasting coffee is a key ingredient to creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Whether it is at home or HÖM you should enjoy every sip of what you drink.

Freshly roasted coffee beans from our supplier

Freshly roasted coffee beans from our supplier

It all started with our careful selection process that took us on a journey tasting and inspecting many different coffee suppliers and roasters. We settled on a roaster that we believed matched our level of quality and taste that we wanted to bring to the cafe.

We believe that you need experienced baristas to produce great drinks. But we also believe that you need passionate individuals that enjoy what they do. At HÖM our team of baristas view drink making as a craft that takes precision and control in order to get that perfect pull of espresso or that perfectly steamed milk. We make sure that every drink we serve is exactly how it should look and taste, made with love and passion.

We believe that good coffee comes from a great source. Currently we get our coffee supply from Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters based out of Southern Ontario. Both our brew coffee beans as well as our espresso are sourced from all around the world including Nicaragua and Ethiopia.